Huntington Soup

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Tom Leonardo - Huntington Pier, October 1963 Posted by Hello
Clean shot of a Leonardo Brother trimming through the soup.


Dan said...

i was just looking at the photo-images posted over the last few days. have you considered trying to have a book published? it all starts with a letter of inquiry. btw, u may wish to check out WFMU.ORG an indie radio station, volunteer driven n very diverse - check out the archives - lots of surf tunes! be well, dan

Larry said...

I remember Tom well he used to come down to Lifeguard station 7 and surf he was an interesting character, I heard he passed away in Hawaii not heard of Bobby in many years,,,

Lando said...

Tom was a hero, didn’t know he was passed on.
I had a Tom Lonardo model 8 footer. Black.