Viejo Amigo

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Bob Morrissey - San Miguel, September 1964
The world wide web is awesome... Bob Morrissey was doing some research on his surf posters online and came across Jim's pics on this blog. He has kept this pic of himself that my Dad took over 40 years ago. I love how it is torn and tattered. Plus, this kid Bob is showcasing some serious backside, cheater five style over San Miguel's rocky, sea urchin filled bottom.

We look forward to trimming some waves with Morrissey at San O's.


Felipe Siebert said...

40 years!!! men, this photo is a precious!

Bob Driver said...

Thanks Felipe... I love your woodcrafted boards... pieces of rideable art.

Bob D.

Joe Kriz said...


I grew up in Lakewood during the 50's and 60's and went to Lakewood High. Moved to Seal Beach after I graduated and lived there until 1980.