Stoked & Skinny

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Jim Driver - Lakewood 1960?
Just came across this picture of a stoked kid showing off his board.


Joe Kriz said...


I lived in Lakewood during the 50's and 60's and went to Lakewood High. Moved to Seal Beach after I graduated. I have a photo of myself surfing HB Cliffs around 1969. Just click on my name. Surfed Seal Beach Pier, the Jetty, and Ray Bay almost every week day during the summer for many, many, years.

Good to see these old photos as they bring back memories. The trunks to wear in those days were definitely Kanvas by Katin.

Bob Driver said...

Joe - Thanks for dropping in. My Dad, Jim Driver, went to Lakewood High also. Graduated '63. Your paths may have crossed.

Katins are still popular today.

Thanks, Bob D.