Jimbo's Pics Get Featured In Slide!

Slide Magazine June 2012 - The Jim Driver Archive: A Life by Surf Design
We are honored to present this untapped collection of photos by Jim Driver to our readers. A student of LeRoy Grannis, Driver’s aesthetically-pleasing, early-‘60s log action stirs nostalgic, back to a time when surf purity and authentic style were composed with camera and film rolls. This stockpile includes frames of Corky Carroll, Mike Doyle, Chuck Burgess,  Steve Pezman, Mickey Muñoz, Robert August, Tom Leonardo, Mark Martinson, David Nuuhiwa, Donald Takayama, Joey Cabell, and Bob Morrissey, all caught between Santa Barbara and San Miguel. Jim’s unique journey is candidly offered by son Bob Driver.

Surfer's Rule! Video

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Driver Photograph - Early 60's Surfing Compilation
Here is a short video we put together a couple of years ago.
We'll keep it up for a short time, Enjoy!
Paddle out... Drop In!

Viejo Amigo

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Bob Morrissey - San Miguel, September 1964
The world wide web is awesome... Bob Morrissey was doing some research on his surf posters online and came across Jim's pics on this blog. He has kept this pic of himself that my Dad took over 40 years ago. I love how it is torn and tattered. Plus, this kid Bob is showcasing some serious backside, cheater five style over San Miguel's rocky, sea urchin filled bottom.

We look forward to trimming some waves with Morrissey at San O's.

Stoked & Skinny

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Jim Driver - Lakewood 1960?
Just came across this picture of a stoked kid showing off his board.

Ran Into Mickey

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Mickey Munoz & Jim Driver - August 1, 2009
While cruising around Surf Culture Days in San Clemente this weekend Jim and I ran into legendary surfer/shaper/stoke ambassador Mickey Munoz. As a kid, Jim, took some great photos of Mickey from Seal Beach to Trestles.

Malibu Zen Master

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Unidentified - Malibu Contest August 1963 Posted by Picasa
I wonder if the guy knee paddling hooted at this ride? Whoever this is, looks like he is in total zen-mode, concentrating all his trimming powers on this Malibu section.

Mr. Beaver Tail

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Unidentified - Huntington Pier October 1963 Posted by Picasa
This picture was first published in the Long Beach Press
Telegram. Looks like this guy is charging his brand
new board down the line.

Goof Balls

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Austin Baird's Crew - Surfside 1963 Posted by Picasa
These guys are goofing-off in the Kanvas by Katin
parking lot. They're trying to figure out how
much gas money they have.

Easy Rider

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Unidentified - Seal Beach 1963 Posted by Hello
We thought this rider was Rich Chew,
but Rich is not goofy foot. Our mistake.
Thanks to the surfing masses who point this out.
Sorry Rich.

Rich is an easy rider to identify with his distinctive casual style.
While riding for the Harbour Surfboard Team he claimed the
1965 U.S. Mens Championship.

Ray Bay

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Mike Leider - Seal Beach Ray Bay 1963 Posted by Hello
Mike is sticking to this warm water mini wall. He was
Jim's best friend growing up. Thanks Mike.

HB Pier "T" Shot

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Unidentified - Huntington Pier, December 1963 Posted by Hello
This is one of Jim's better shots over his years of
photography. Everything comes together well in
this shot.

Nose Mission

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Chuck Dent - Huntington Beach, October 1963 Posted by Hello
Chuck wasn't the most athletic surfer in the water, but
he taught the entire surf industry how to merchandise.

Captain Jack

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Jack Haley - Huntington Beach, October 1963 Posted by Hello
Jack was the head lifeguard in Seal Beach for many years.
Captain Jack also made surfboards, owned a club
and later a restaurant.

HB Pier Shot

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Unidentified - Huntington Pier, October 1963 Posted by Hello
This is a great shot through HB Pier. It was never published.
Jim shot a similar one that was published in Surfer Magazine
that we will be sharing soon.

Huntington Soup

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Tom Leonardo - Huntington Pier, October 1963 Posted by Hello
Clean shot of a Leonardo Brother trimming through the soup.

Glassly Shore Break

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HB Local - Huntington Pier, September 1964 Posted by Hello
Crystal clean, glassly wave south side of the pier.

Say "Cheese"

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The Whole Crew - San Miguel, September 1964 Posted by Hello
This must have been at the beginning of the trip, before
the party.

Quisimoto Onboard

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Mickey Munoz - Trestles, August 1963 Posted by Hello
A simple head-dip would never do for the inventor
of the "Quisimoto". Maybe the Mongoose was trying
to duck the Marines.

Rincon - Thick Insider

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Unidentified - Rincon, January 1963 Posted by Hello
Beautiful shot of the inside section at Rincon.
If he caught this wave off the point, about right now his legs
are burning and he wish he would have kicked out earlier.